Not the first #driveby I ever made, that one is coming next. But it was in the beginning.

    Shot on #KONICACF35E with 200 asa #fuji
    #straightoutofcamera #noediting

  2. Jesus Christ superstar.

  3. We got quite a crew here @fluffmag_sa!! Todays shooting with @kaminipather @cindyhorton_ @thelimeline

  4. @ejay_cpt arriving at the #fourcorners premier last month. @mrlarso @niccisaintbruce

  5. US.

  6. Can’t stop listening to the #fourcorners soundtrack //

    This is @youngstacpt @ejay_cpt and @kanyi_mavi killing aweh four corners at the @redbullza premier after party in Cape Town last month. - @youngandlazy

  7. @mosesgadams switch flip over a mother fucking dustbin. // CC @thepit

  8. good morning. 2014 // #capetownincolour #peoplepleasure

  9. taxi driver. 2014 // #capetownincolour #peoplepleasure

  10. @horoblitz got that lions head sunset.

  11. Lions head team from last night. @nicholaspepper @horoblitz @nbcoutts

  12. Green thumb.

  13. They see me walking.. They howling.

  14. Another Knysna throwback // Simon making friends on the train bridge. 2014

  15. throwback to the Knysna red bridge big jump // Take me back.